When people think of Swedish cinema they tend, depending on their tendencies, to think either of steamy sauna porn or the collected works of the recently departed Ingmar Bergman. But between these opposite poles of cinematic expression lie a whole range of movies that range from the compelling tragedies of Lukas Moodysson to the sweet comedies of Colin Nutley. Yet foreign-language genre films don’t usually make their ways onto our screens so Exit is in rather rare company. Starring the cheekbones-from-hell of Mads Mikkelsen, this film rips across a blistering 97 minutes of twisting plot and run-n-punch action. In a Fugitive-like set up, Thomas (Mikkelsen) has to clear his name by escaping from custody and dispatching the real villain himself. Along the way are more speedboats than I thought any family would need, thick-necked Arab and Danish thugs, secret compartments and a fiery climax. It aint The Seventh Seal and it aint Uppsala Girls Go Crazy but it is Swedish, it is thrilling and even if you caught it at MIFF last year, the DVD is worth grabbing.