El Guincho: Alegranza

Alegranza album coverAlegranza is an album remarkable in its ability to simultaneously invite and dismiss comparison. El Guincho is Pablo Diaz-Reixa and he’s managed to sample half a planet worth of music without it coalescing into a lazy homogeneity. His beats oscillate with wild abandon and yet the album feels tightly sprung, like a jack-in-the-box that’s been teasingly wound up. Born in the Canary Islands and now based in Barcelona, El Guincho kicks off Alegranza with a track that slams doowop honey up against salt-water-summer vocals and backs it up with a track that plucks itself out of the dancehalls of Sub-Saharan Africa. Its effervescent, glorious, lollipop music.

El Guincho: Alegranza out now through Mistletone Records

Get yourself along to see El Guincho’s Australian tour this May. He’s playing along with Architecture in Helsinki as well as solo sideshows, check your guides.