MIFF Review: Lunacy (Czech Rep)

A feature film from director Jan Svankmajer is a rare treat for fans of the stop-frame genius, but if that isn’t enough to draw you to see this film, then how about adding references to the Marquis de Sade and Edgar Allan Poe, spicing it with nudity, and adding liberal lashings of blasphemously good-humoured debauchery. Lust, carnality, insanity and animated red meat. Chicken feathers, midgets, sledding down staircases and random violence. It’s hilarious, it’s outrageous and it doesn’t want to take itself seriously at all. If you’ve had enough Milos Forman, if you’ve done Pasolini ten times over and if Fellini seems passé, then Svankmajer will save the day. Nothing this festival has left me so raring to create and to play as Lunacy.