MIFF Review: Brothers (Denmark)

It’s nice to see that the Zentropa film house has continued to grow since Dogme was exposed as the publicity stunt that some had suspected all along. This film from director Susanne Bier (Open Hearts) examines a story which, in its domestic detail and specificity, captures all of the epic proportions of a Greek tragedy or an Old Testament tale. The perilous depths of fraternal love, admiration and enmity are presented in beautifully wrought scenes of understated grief—the deft editing and mise-en-scene do the talking for the overwhelmed characters—as well as hilarious episodes of family minutiae. Some of the actors will be familiar to fans of other Zentropa films, like Festen, and the performances are uniformly fine and nuanced. Look out for this film in cinemas or go pester the kids at Kino.